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St Mary's Autumn Update and Action Request

Damage to the Northeast corner of the tower.
We are still waiting to hear from Cardiff Council when the repairs to the damaged N/W section of St. Maryís tower are to be carried out and hoping that they will be completed before the winter storms can do further damage.

It is very important that the site is looking at its best next June when we plan to hold the Celebration of the Rev. Victor (Father) Jonesís life, during which his ashes will be scattered at his chosen spot.

The annual inspection and St. Davidís Day celebration will take place the on the first Saturday following March 1st, to enable our Junior Friends to attend.

Action Request (Deadline 23 Dec 2010)

Can we urge everyone please to contact the Local Development Plan Team (LDP) to request that St. Maryís and surrounding hill fort area is made a protected site under the new LDP. Submissions to the LDP last year have been discounted and the LDP is taking new submissions which must be entered by 23 December 2010.

Go to and follow the links for the LDP, or write to Sustainable Development Unit, Cardiff Council, Room 227, County Hall, Cardiff CF10 4UW.

The Friends have again requested that St. Maryís and the hill fort and surrounding area be made a protected/heritage site, but your supporting requests are urgently needed. Everyone interested in keeping this historic and beautiful area safe from council/private/industrial development should make their views known as soon as possible before the cut-off date of 23 December. Any queries regarding this matter may be directed to a member of the LDP team on 029 2087 3461 and 029 2087 3469 or contact the website given above.

See Paul Kemble's letter on the subject in the South Wales Echo, and our responses.