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St. Mary's as it used to be.

St. Mary's Autumn News

November 2014

Although the much-needed repairs to the church tower and walls remain outstanding, the hedges around St. Mary's have been cut to around 4', as requested by the Friends, enabling more of the church and graveyard to be seen, as it used to be when church was intact and in use. It is hoped that by making the church and graveyard more visible to people out walking on the hill, it will be less attractive to vandals, visiting to carry out dubious practices.
The Autumn inspection team.

The Friends and Bereavement Department have done a great job this year, keeping the site completely clear of rubbish, cutting back brambles, keeping the grasses trimmed around the graves, and keeping free from weeds the now exposed gravelled path around the church structure. In addition, the overgrowth in the lane leading up to the church from the security gate has been beautifully cut back and looks very fine.

Naturally, the Friends are disappointed that after so many meeting with the Council this year there is so little progress regarding the now desperately needed repairs. However, we remain hopeful the repairs will be done without much more delay.

Our very best wishes to all our supporters, from the Friends.

Join us on the Hill, rain or shine, first Tuesday of each month, 11am to 1pm. Tea and biscuits provided. Time Credits given.

Delia, Founder.