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St. Mary's Late Autumn Up-Date

The Urgent Repairs

The urgent repairs to the tower buttress and the gaping hole in the tower itself have been completed, as well as repairs and levelling of the walls.

We are very grateful to Martin Birch for his far-sighted appreciating of the importance of Ely and Caerau's heritage and making available funding for these repairs, especially at a time when money is tight in all local government departments.

The Friends have arranged to meet with council and other government officials early in the New Year to discuss repointing the tower, as recommended by the last professional survey report over two years ago. Repointing St. Mary's iconic tower now would preserve it for many years to come, and would mean Council money spent so far on repairs would not be wasted.

The repairs to the tower and elsewhere have been completed to a very high standard, and our thanks to stone masons Lloyd and Hattie of Architectural Stone for carrying out this work. We are also grateful for the additional repairs, including to the chancel arch, which were carried out with grant assistance from Cadw.


This year's CAER Dig was hugely successful, involving more than 200 local volunteers and over a thousand visitors to the site during the course of the dig.

The four week excavation of the Caerau Hillfort recovered a large collection of early Neolithic pottery, the most ever discovered in Wales, evidence of Cardiff's Stone Age origins.

To learn much more about the exciting 2015 Evacuation, please visit CAER website.

Taskforce News.

The Taskforce team, comprising local volunteers, continues to be involved with clearing debris and litter from the church and hillfort site, tending the graves, and also light gardening work with the assistance of the Bereavement Gardening services. The site as a whole, top and bottom, is currently looking good, thanks to the hard work of both these teams.
Friendly visitors due to a temporary hole in the hedge.

Friendly Visiting!

Earlier, we wrote to ask people to visit the hillfort and St. Mary's as often as they could, taking a small picnic/hot drink to enjoy while taking in the panoramic views of Cardiff, Garth Mountain and Castell Coch, from the ringwork, in the hope that the more people visiting would make this great beauty spot less appealing to people of ill intent. So please visit as often as you can, reporting anything worrying either to me via the Founders email, or to the police, if necessary. We have a designated community police officer looking out for the site, and also a postcode for St. Marys, CF5 5NA. To be quoted when reporting concerns.

Our thanks as always to all our supporters.

Delia Jay, Founder.
Photography by Paul Kemble.