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CAER Presentation at the Senedd

On the 16th January there was an excellent presentation at the Senedd about Caerau And Ely Rediscovering (CAER) Heritage Project, introduced by Dr. David Wyatt from the Archaeology Department of Cardiff University.

Coming after Time Team’s televised programme on Sunday of their excavation of Caerau Hillfort last year, it was especially heartening to be told about the on-going success of CAER and of its creators’ intention to continue their good work in partnership with local schools and residents of Caerau and Ely communities - sentiments shared by Time Team archaeologist Francis Pryor in his blog.

It was great to see the work of the children on display, including models of the hillfort, essays about the Iron Age communities which would have occupied the hill, and a model of St. Mary’s church in its prime, lovingly crafted by local man Jeff Trask.

It is hoped that in the exciting plans ahead for this marvellous site, the need to preserve the fragile remains of St. Mary’s will not be ignored, in particular the conservation of its landmark tower which can be seen from the by-pass and other parts of Ely.

Delia Jay