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Christmas Message from the Founders

Dear Friends

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

Dymmuniadau gorau ar gyfer y Nadalig a’r Flwyddyn Newydd!

And our heartfelt thanks for supporting the work of The Friends.

Right Rosemary and Delia (taken recently at Delia’s daughter, Rachel Arianwen’s, wedding). Below from left (1) Beautifully decorated Christmas trees on display in the Tree Festival at the Church of the Resurrection on The Grand Avenue. There was also a display stand at the Festival, "Remembering the Old Parish church of St. Mary’s" showing pictures of the church, and the late Rev. Victor (Father) Jones’s memoir. (2) St. Mary’s tower and small cross peeps out in the December mist across the snowy field. Taken from the lane and can also be seen from the A4232 by-pass. This lovely view depends on continuing preservation of the remains of the tower. (3) Closer view of the tower in winter, the cross clearly visible.