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Good News Regarding Recent Vandalism

The clean-up team.
Wendy Payne, Front Line Support Officer for Neighbourhood Policing in Ely, together with colleagues and church youth workers, spent the last May Bank holiday weekend cleaning the graffiti from the grave stones inside the church. These dedicated people, who gave up their free time, also cleaned away the fire debris, caused by the vandals, removed litter and cut back over-growing brambles.

See below and right heart-warming pictures of the work being carried out at St. Mary's church.

In addition to organising this clean up, Wendy Payne is instructing her officers to keep a watchful eye on the old church, particularly during school holidays when most of the vandalism occurs. As she lives nearby, Wendy will be watching out for St. Mary's herself when off duty from her official policing role.

These people should be highly commended for their professionalism and community-minded spirit. 'The Friends' and all their supporters greatly appreciate the efforts by Wendy and her helpers to protect St.Mary's from wanton vandalism by some.

Thanks also to the Bereavement Services/Cardiff City Council who we believe has repaired the large hole made by the vandals in the Tower - not confirmed, but looks to have been done from the photos sent by Wendy.

Cleaning in progress. The graffiti is gone.