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More damage to St. Mary’s.

We are sorry to report that St. Mary’s has again been attacked by vandals. On our visit of 26th October last, the church walls and tower had been daubed with blue paint, tombstones disturbed and daubed also, and two large chunks of masonry dislodged from the walls.

We have reported the damage to the police and they are investigating it.

As you will see in our letter to Police Inspector Smith, we have made suggestions to combat this senseless vandalism by the few, and have requested a meeting with police officials with a view to stopping the attacks.

We will keep you informed.

The book sales are going well, and copies have been requested by all the national collection libraries, including Aberystwyth, Oxford and Cambridge so that the record of St. Mary’s and the ancient hill fort will be a permanent part of the library heritage, whatever happens to the church site in the future.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Delia Jay