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Delia and Rosemary meet Father Jones

We are pleased to announce that, at last, we have put on the web page the agreed transcripts of our conversation with Fr. Jones, when we visited him at his home in Sussex last December.

In addition, we have Fr. Jones's own written account of his time as a young priest in the 1950's, and his personal recollections and memories of the rebuilding of St. Mary's church.

We have been fortunate to receive also a personal account of the church's history, as told by Charlie Jewell, Fr. Jones's main helper in the re-building. This came about when our website was visited by Mr. Jewell's granddaughter, Debbie, and she contacted us to let us know of the existence of these hand-written notes.

Charlie Jewell sadly has died, but his daughter, Jean Evans, agreed to us reproducing her father's personal recollections on our web page.

Mr. and Mrs. Evans met us at St. Mary's when we visited the church to complete the 2007 inspection - see the latest inspection report and photos - and handed us copies of her father's notes.

We have decided to publish on the web those parts of these notes which refer directly to the rebuilding of St. Mary's, and to offer the full copy of the notes, by email attachment, to readers who email us to request a copy. This will be available shortly.

We hope you enjoy reading all the reports.

We would like to have other personal recollections of St. Mary's, the ' Little church on the Hill' - beaten but not (yet) bowed - which we can publish on the web page.

With best wishes

Delia and Rosemary, Founders.