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Delia and Rosemary present their book to Fr. Jones

On the 11th September, 2008, Delia and Rosemary travelled to the South Coast to visit Fr. Jones and to take his copy of our book, in which we had inscribed:

"With Gratitude for being an inspirational presence in our youth."

Fr. Jones receives his copy of The Friends' book.
We had hoped Fr. Jones would attend our book-launch ceremony on the site of St. Mary’s on 15th August last. But it was not to be, as he had been hospitalised for three weeks and was only allowed home after the day of the book launch.

Weakened by a serious illness and also by the death of his dear daughter, Ruth, Fr. Jones would have been unable to make the long journey to Wales.

When we met him at his house, we could see that recent events had taken its toll, and he looked frailer than when we last saw him in 2006.

He was, however, heartened to receive his copy of the book, the first time he had seen the finished copy, and was overjoyed with the many pictures and messages we brought of the happy (and sunny!) day of the book launch ceremony.

He told us that the book will bring some much needed joy back to his life, and he ordered 12 more copies to give to his many friends and acquaintances connected with his time spent at St. Mary’s.

Fr. Jones has advised his heirs that, when the time comes, his ashes are to be buried in the grounds of his beloved old church, St. Mary the Virgin at Caerau.

The photos attached to this articles show the happy occasion.


Fr. Jones has written to Delia and Rosemary, having now read the book, to express his pleasure. Part of his letter reads:

"You have done a fantastic job in producing the 'History of St. Mary's' and I have loved reading it, although it brought tears to my eyes more than once."

He requested 10 more books, to distribute to his many friends and aquaintances, having given away the 12 books he initially bought.

We are pleased to report that Fr. Jones is feeling much better, but is still awaiting the results of the tests he underwent in hospital.

We wish Fr. Jones all the best for a speedy recovery.

Father Jones with Delia and Rosemary. Father Jones reading messages of support.