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Shorter thoughts and comments from people around the world who have come across our website and decided to get in touch. If you would like to add something please contact us.

Glyn Pooley, 16th March 2020


Just wanted to share an artwork made earlier in the year at St. Marys. It is such a wonderful place with tremendous history and really needs to be celebrated. Well done with all your fantastic work. For more information please link with A Path in peace art trail.

Kindest thoughts

John Bramhall, 18th January 2020

Hi Delia.

Thanks for recent email, regarding the reminisces of your early life in Caerau.

It appears that we of the older generation have similar memories...

I also went to Caerau Infants School (now Nant Caerau). I lived in a prefab close to Sweldon Hill and like you, would walk along Caerau Lane, then a country lane, to the School. When I was about 9 years old I had a girl friend that lived in Caerau Park Place (I don't think it was you!). Strictly I am Ely boy as I was born overlooking the Ely river, but most of my time growing up was in the shadow of the Caerau Hillfort. I also remember the crops growing in the fields that is now the site of Cwrtyrala School (now Pen Caerau School). Time flies when you are having fun but the senses and memories dull as we all get older!

Regards John

Tony & Cheryl Lutzman, 3rd January 2020

Happy New Year!

It has been awhile since our trip to Wales but I wanted to write and thank you all for all that you did and shared with Tony and I.

What a great opportunity for me to visit the place that I have heard so much about and that is so important to my family’s history. I have been able to share our fabulous experience and pictures with my family in Canada. Some of my family have been to the church in the past. Some were able to visit when it was still used as a church and others in the years when it was lost to the past and falling apart. All were so pleased to see how it is now being taken care of by such caring and thoughtful people. Our Grandparents would be so grateful to all of you! We so enjoyed meeting everyone and hearing about their connections to the church and community. Your interest and passion to preserve the past is so important. Thank you for that.

You are all amazing people and we are so grateful for having met you and shared this experience with you.

Blessing on you and the work you are doing.

Tony and Cheryl Lutzmann

Bob Baird, Canada, 29th November 2019

Hello from Canada

Fr Jones came to St Lukes in the 50’s and quickly became a well respected Curate and Scoutmaster. To me he was Skip Jones and I enjoyed his leadership till he took off for St Tims and then the Royal Navy. Over the years we corresponded often and I still have some of his letters. Just before his death I visited him near Worthing and stayed overnight. He was a great man and a great priest.

To commemorate his death, I wonder if it would be possible to collect from his many admirers, any photos we might still have of him. I certainly have a few, and I am in contact with several of the former members of 9th Cardiff ( St Lukes) Scout Group. At very least, a Requiem Mass would seem appropriate-maybe at St Lukes which is perhaps more Anglo Catholic that St Davids Caerau.

Just a thought.

Best wishes
Bob Baird

Chris Nash, 10th June 2019

Greetings Delia, Rosemary et al,

My wife, Jan (formerly Janice Britton) and I were married in St Mary's Church, Caerau, in August 1970, so we have fond memories of the church. Jan and her brother, Mike grew up in Cwrt-yr-Ala Road and spent many happy days in and around the hill and often recall the Roman artefacts which were frequently found around the hill fort area, when they were children.

We were very sad when the church was deconsecrated and then misused / abused. We always thought that it could - and should - have been moved to St Fagans.

Sadly, Jan has Alzheimer's Disease, but she still retains many long-term memories and, last week, we tried to pay a visit to the church, only to find that Church Road was barricaded, at the start of the lane up to the church. I went onto the internet to try to find some photo's of the church, to show Jan and that's how I came across your website and the pictures you have posted on it. Extremely sad to see the extent of the damage to the church building, but so pleased that you and your colleagues have been trying to get some degree of stabilisation and restoration under way.

Is it possible to gain access to the church, now? Your website indicates that we would have to negotiate the barrier and walk up the hill, but the photo of the barrier doesn't really indicate how easy this would be and Jan is unable to bend her knee extensively, following a knee replacement op, several years ago. I should be grateful if you could contact me and let me know whether access is possible. Although she was upset to see the dereliction of the church, I think a visit might be quite therapeutic for Jan.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Chris Nash

Cheryl Lutzmann, Canada, 31st January 2019

Hello. My name is Cheryl Lutzmann. I am the Great Great Granddaughter of George and Mary Thurston. George and Mary are buried in the cemetery at St. Mary’s. Many stories have been shared over the years of my family’s time in Caerau. My husband and I live in Canada and are planning a trip to Wales this coming May (2019). I was wondering if it would be possible to visit the church site and maybe have a tour with you?

I was excited to find your information and know that this historical place is being cared for. Thank you for your commitment to history.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Bob Baird, Canada, 25th April 2017

First of all, congratulations and best wishes on all your work.

I was an enthusiastic member of Fr Jones Scout Group at St Lukes in the fifties ( 9th Cardiff)

We lost a great leader when he went to Ely.

However, I remember vividly being a server at one of his first Eucharists at the rebuilt St Mary’s, and many of his 9th Cardiff Scouts maintained a relationship with Skip Jones till his death.

Great work, please continue.

Best wishes from Canada

Bob Baird