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Annual Inspection 2007

View of the church across the fields.
This year we observed that severe damage has been caused by vandalism to St. Mary's on the south wall of the nave where it joins the partition wall between the nave and the chancel. The rest of the church has remained relatively unscathed. The graveyard is quite tidy. Stone from the church has been scattered about in the lane leading up to the church.

Vandalised walls.
We then moved into the field to see the medieval castle ring work and noted that some damage has been caused to this structure by mountain bikes. Dressed stone from the church has been dumped on the ringwork.

We were pleased to meet up with Cliff & Jean Evans and Jane Clemence of Communities First who works for the Ely community and also Megan, a student volunteer, who is assisting Jane.

Mrs Evans belonged to the congregation of St Mary's at the same time as us, so it was good to reminisce on past times. Mrs. Evans's father, Charles Jewell, helped the Reverend Victor Jones when they decided to rebuild the church in the late 1950s.

If any of our readers would like to join us on our next annual inspection in 2008 they would be very welcome. Details will appear on our website in the New Year.

Rosemary Lewis and Delia Jay
1st March 2007.

The inspection team. Left to right: Jean Evans, Megan, Jane Clemence, Cliff Evans and Rosemary Lewis. Photo taken by Delia Jay. The arch.