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St. Mary's News and Update

August 2014

Fortunately, things have improved since our last posting and the Friends are now hopeful that the urgent repair to the tower buttress will be going ahead once the purchase of materials has been approved by the council.

After the severe damage at Easter, the Friends were left feeling very despondent, especially after all the hard work they had put in over the past year to improve the appearance of the pathways around St. Mary's.

The 2014 CAER archaeological 'Dig Caerau', which has just finished, brought some cheer and very ancient finds, but the Friends were concerned that the daubings on the large stones at the churchyard entrance -- although arguably artistic in another setting -- looked out of place and disrespectful. Taking matters into their own hands, the Friends painted over the graffiti to improve the appearance of the entrance; and one kind Friend paid to have the grass trimmed around the graves to make it more attractive for the many visitors expected for the CAER "Big Lunch". It certainly worked and immediately lifted our spirits.

Iconic image of St. Marys by Paul Kemble.
For safety during the "Big Lunch", a notice hung across the porchway entrance to the nave saying simply "St. Mary's Church is closed", which was sad to see, but at least with the few touches by the Friends, the old church looked dignified still.

The Friends have been promised regular maintenance of the graves and grounds by the council, who of course own the site and are responsible for the upkeep of the church ruin and the graves, which include some World War One graves.

On our previous news item -- summer update -- we have included the award-winning CAER heritage film. Do watch it, it's fantastic. Also, please visit the gallery to see new St. Mary's pictures by Paul Kemble, Rob Summerhill, and a reconstruction photo of St. Mary's by Rob Barratt.

Best wishes from the Friends.