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Pain of Church Damage

By Mr Liddington

I attach various articles relating to the church that I have found in my late Uncle's things Mr John (Johnny) Smith. I know that my grandparents and great grandparents are buried in the church. I know he contacted the Echo on a number of occasions. I shall forward any other articles I find.

I know my uncle took an interest in the church and indeed was quoted in the Cardiff post as per your website:

"Mr Smith, a pensioner, spoke to the Echo reporter of his profound pain and sorrow at the vandalism of one of Cardiff's oldest churches. Both his parents are buried in the graveyard of the church.

"He blamed the lack of official action for the deterioration of the church. The Echo stated that a planning application had been made to the council to preserve the ruins of the church."

I am sure that he would be pleased that in the hands of the Friendís of St Maryís Church the church will be looked after.