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Memories of Ely

By Maureen Clifford

As an old resident of Ely I spent many happy hours with my parents walking around the area especially Caerau. I have read with interest all the news you have published online. Having read memories of Mr M Cridland he mentioned a subject dear to my heart --- Ely Roman Villa. How is it that a 10 roomed villa excavated in 1894 by John Storrie and in 1922 by Sir Mortimer Wheeler is never included when Caerau and Ely. I have a booklet published by Cardiff Museum on the site. Can you put me in touch with anyone who is interested in the site?

When Cardiff was under the control of South Glam Council they told me that the site of St Marys with the largest triumvallate hillfort in Wales plus the ringwork would be developed. I admire the work you are doing. I have a Diploma in Local Studies from extra mural class at Cardiff university and also a B..A. Hons degree in History, English & Creative writing. I am not mobile as I had to give up my car for health reasons and cannot walk very far (I am 85 years old) but I have pursued local history and family history for 20 years.