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Memories of St. Tim's Church Youth Club

I've just found the friends of St Marys website and thought I would add a memory of my own.

In 1963/66 I was youth worker with St Timothy's church youth club, recruited by Fr. Alfred Pryce-Hawkins the curate at the time. One of the projects we took on in 1965 was to repaint the interior of St Marys, camping in the field while we did the work. Later, in early 1966 my son was baptised there. I left Cardiff in the summer of 1966 to go to the Youth Work Training college in Leicester and didn't return to Wales until 1972 and it was a long time after that that I went to visit St Mary's and found it so sad to see that it hardly existed as a building.

If Rosemary remembers Father Hawkins, she may remember me. I was the local RSPCA inspector from 1962 to 1966 and lived on Cowbridge Road, a few houses up the hill from Amroth Road; I remember the trolley buses turning into Grand Avenue as well.

The memories have been stirred because I am clearing out my many hundred of colour slides, scanning ones that hold memories. I've attached 4 pictures of some members of St Tim's Youth Group, all taken in 1965 whilst on a club holiday on the Norfolk Broads. Names I remember are Roger Davies, Sue Tucker, Sandra Stiff, Gareth Pole, Pat Street, Christine Cullen, ? Aherne (Gareth's wife did tell me his first name but I've forgotten it again for the moment). All of these youngsters (as they were then - all of course in their mid to late 60's now) were involved with the Rev Pryce-Hawkins in work at St Mary's so it really would be appropriate to include them on the memories page.

Mike Chamberlain

St Tim's YC Broads trip 1966. Roger, Sue & Pat. St. Tim's YC, Broads trip, 1966. From the left: Christine Cullen, Sandra Stiff, Roger Davies, Sue Tucker, Gareth (I think) Aherne, Gareth Pole; the other girl I can't remember.
St Tim's YC Broads trip 1966. Sandra Stiff & Chris Cullen. Christine or Pat, Gareth and Roger, Bar of The Bridge, Potter Heigham, 1966.