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Memories from Australia

By Terry Western

It is with great sadness that I saw a picture of St Mary's that was in your local news paper recently. The picture was sent by my cousin who still lives in Cardiff.

I now reside in Queensland Australia I left Ely in 1968. I spent the first 20 years of my life living at number 20 Church Road, Ely. I went to Caerau Infants school for my early years and then when to St Mary's in Canton for my senior years. When I came to Australia I went to Charles Sturt University. In about 1957 I spent a lot of my weekends rebuilding St Mary's Church with the local Scout Group. We rebuilt with the original stones that were all still lying around the walls at that time. It is so very sad to see the Church now in such a poor state after so many people back in 1959 spent so much time and money among promises from the church that it would be maintained.

Why does the Parish Church not put some money into its restoration to its former glory? Surely as the great historical site it is, someone in Government should be able to provide financial support for such a wonderful project as it's restoration.

I wish all the very best for the future of the church. I hope one day I can visit and see the Church as I remember it when I was a boy.