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Spring Update 2024. Church and grounds looking good and clear of rubbish. The grass topped walls are lush and green and the spring flowers covering the graveyard are beautiful... [read more] 19th March 2024
St. Timothy's Closed. St Timothy's Church in Caerau, Cardiff held its last service on Sunday, January 29th. [read more] 5th February 2023
Autumn Update 2022. And what good news it is! The Repair Team comprising local group CAER, SPAB, and volunteers led by Dr. Oliver Davis have worked their magic... [read more] 18th November 2022

Older news

Spring Update 2022. Caerau Friends and residents were much relieved to see at their St. David's Day gathering that the recent ferocious storms have not further damaged St. Mary's upper tower... [read more] 22nd March 2022
Christmas Message 2021. Cyfarchion Y Tymor... [read more] 11th December 2021
Spring Update 2021. What a wonderful sight awaited St. Mary's Easter visitors: a new cross adorning its tower... [read more] 10th April 2021
Autumn Update 2020. This year is the 10th anniversary of Rev, Father Victor Jones's death. Caerau Friends and residents had planned to mark the occasion by planting a tree... [read more] 4th December 2020
Spring Update 2020. The good news is Architectural Stone has made a replacement cross for St. Mary's and we can be confident of seeing it as soon as the current situation allows... [read more] 4th April 2020
Autumn Update 2019. Cadw has now given permission for the installation of a new cross atop St. Mary's... [read more] 19th October 2019
Spring Update 2019. Caerau Friends and residents met with Peter and Martin and Carmel on the hill just before Christmas and heard the very good news... [read more] 28th April 2019
Autumn Update 2018.Caerau Friends and residents had hoped that the replacement cross would be erected before Christmas... [read more] 13th October 2018
Spring Update 2018. The heavy falls of snow this March and the prolonged cold weather have meant the spring flowers in the church yard are not as advanced as in previous years... [read more] 23rd April 2018
Autumn Update 2017. In June, Caerau Friends and residents welcomed Sully University of the Third Age history group and their tutor to St. Mary's to learn about its history. ... [read more] 22nd October 2017
Spring Update 2017. St. Mary's Missing/Stolen Cross - no further info despite extensive enquires/searches by police... [read more] 23rd April 2017
Autumn Update 2016. St. Mary's one remaining 13th Century stone cross was taken, we believe, on the Sunday of the August Bank holiday... [read more] 27th November 2016
Summer Update 2016. The 'Big Picnic' in early May organised by Friends, Ace, and CAER was huge success, attracting over 80 residents to the Caerau Hill Monument during the course of the afternoon... [read more] 27th July 2016
Spring Update 2016. Results of CAER Heritage Questionnaire... [read more] 20th March 2016
Late Autumn Update 2015. The urgent repairs to the tower buttress and the gaping hole in the tower itself have been completed, as well as repairs and levelling of the walls... [read more] 13th December 2015
Summer Update 2015. Dear Supporter, firstly, apologies to anyone who turned up for the Easter Celebration, Big Picnic Event 28th March... [read more] 14th June 2015
Taskforce Open Day 2015. This year we decided not to have our usual annual Inspection on St. David's Day.... [read more] 15th March 2015
Christmas Message 2014. Happy Christmas, Nadolig Llawen. [See more] 16th December 2014
Autumn Update 2014. Although the much-needed repairs to the church tower and walls remain outstanding, the hedges around St. Mary's have been cut to around 4', as requested by the Friends... [read more] 15th November 2014
Late Summer Update 2014. Fortunately, things have improved since our last posting and the Friends are now hopeful that the urgent repair to the tower buttress will be going ahead once the purchase of materials has been approved by the council... [read more] 1st August 2014
Summer Update 2014. Over the Easter holiday period very serious damage was inflicted on the remaining structure of St. Mary's church by person/persons as yet unknown. Police are continuing with their investigations... [read more] 14th June 2014
Annual Inspection 2014. About 50 people attended the Friends 20th annual Inspection on 1st March St. David's Day. Our crowd was swelled by heritage trail walkers from near-by parishes who were most welcome... [read more] 13th March 2014
Christmas Message 2013. We have learnt that St. Mary's church and grave yard are unfortunately to be temporarily closed to the public due to health and safety concerns... [read more] 15th December 2013
Summer Update 2013. Dear Friends and Supporters - the "Taskforce" (TF), set up last November by Dave Horton of ACE (Action Ely and Caerau) to take care of St. Mary's and its environs, has been a great success... [read more] 16th August 2013
Inspection 2013. Bore Da, and a great day it was! The weather was good also. About 25-30 supporters and friends came to exchange news and hear about the yearís events and future plans... [read more] 10th March 2012
CAER at the Senedd. On the 16th January there was an excellent presentation at the Senedd about Caerau And Ely Rediscovering (CAER) Heritage Project, introduced by Dr. David Wyatt from the Archaeology Department of Cardiff University. [read more] 19th January 2013
Christmas Message 2012. Dear Friends and Supporters, those of you who have been following our reports will know that we have had another eventful year. ... [read more] 17th December 2012
Autumn Update 2012. The autumn colours on Caerau Hill are truly lovely, as are the panoramic views of the Taff Gap, Castell Coch, the Garth Mountain, and over Ely and Caerau and all the way to central Cardiff... [read more] October 2012
Time Team Visit and Summer Update 2012. Dear Friends and Supporters, it has been an amazing couple of months! The creation of the Caerau And Ely Re-discovering (CAER) Heritage Project led by Dr. Oliver Davis, Olly, has been hugely successful, involving children and young people from local schools in surveying the Caerau Hill Fort... [read more] 2nd June 2012
Annual Inspection 2012. This was the Friends 17th year of inspections at St. Maryís since we began in 1995. Back then it was just Delia and Rosemary walking up the hill, each St. Davidís Day to inspect the condition of the deteriorating ruin, ... [read more] March 2012

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