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Preservation of St. Mary’s Church and Caerau Wood

The Friends of St. Mary’s has written to Cardiff Council and the Welsh Assembly asking them to designate Caerau Wood and hillside as a ‘Special Landscape Area’ in the Cardiff Local Development Plan (LDP) for 2006-2021.

This designation will protect the beautiful wooded hill as landscape, alongside the Scheduled Ancient Monument protection of its iron-age hill fort, later Roman camp, and remains of the 750-year-old St. Mary’s Church and earth ringwork.

We have also requested that the site be listed as an Archaeological Sensitive Zone which is essential to protect this important historic site.

The deadline for making comments to Cardiff Council was 28th August 2009, however it may still be worth getting in touch to express your views.

You can do this by emailing
Or register online at

Or by post to:

Development Plan Team
Strategic Planning and Environment
Cardiff Council
Room CY1
County Hall
Atlantic Wharf
CF10 4UW
Telephone 029 2087 3461 or 3469

We would like to thank South Wales Echo reporter Sarah Bunney for her help with bringing this issue to her readers' attention, and for her help with coverage of St Mary's generally.

The Friends of St. Mary’s.