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St. Mary's News April 2018

The heavy falls of snow this March and the prolonged cold weather have meant the spring flowers in the church yard are not as advanced as in previous years. The lovely photo of the snowy graveyard shows the extent of snow covering around the church. As the weather warms, however, we can look forward to a beautiful display of wild violets and primroses and other spring flowers, now just beginning to show their heads above ground.

The 'passionate' group of Caerau friends and residents, as mentioned on the very attractive CAER notice board at the bottom of the hill, continues to visit each month to collect litter and trim hedges and weed the paths, as well as looking out for and reporting damage when it occurs.

The aim of the Caerau group is to make the church and graveyard a pleasant place for people to visit, especially for those relatives who still come to tend graves of a loved one.

The Bereavement Dept. gardening team also do a great job of strimming the grass around the graves and heavy duty hedge cutting to expose the wonderful views across the valley.

Since Caerau friends group has been meeting on the hill we have noticed a steady increase in visitors to the site, and the CAER tours conducted by Ollie Davis should help in generating interest, as did our own event last year when Caerau friends and residents welcomed a group of university history students to the church and hill.

Missing Cross

In March this year, Caerau friends and residents met with Caerau councillor, Peter Bradbury, and requested he take the lead in getting a replacement cross while we wait for the original one to be found. Peter and police are still looking for it. The group was delighted when Peter agreed and he has since been in contact with Martin Birch and the council to start the process of securing a new cross for St. Mary's.

Delia Jay, Founder.
Photos courtesy of Paul Kemble.