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St. Mary's Spring News 2022

Caerau Friends and residents were much relieved to see at their St. David's Day gathering that the recent ferocious storms have not further damaged St. Mary's upper tower, or the new cross. The damage, however, caused by weather and vandals to the lower tower, wall and arch now need swiftly addressing. We are therefore cheered by Bereavement Manager Martin Birch's very positive comments that plans are afoot to restore and preserve what remains of St. Mary's structure, getting the community behind the repair project, and raising awareness of the importance of protecting and preserving local heritage. This is close to our hearts and something the Friends have advocated for many years. We are also reassured that the very large hole in the lower tower will be repaired ahead of the longer term work.

As always, dedicated Caerau Friends are frequently to be found on the hill, collecting rubbish, clearing away fire remains in the body of the church, patching up fences to keep farm animals out of the graveyard, and generally tidying up by collecting the many fallen stones and weeding the gravel path around the church, as well as looking out for damage to church stonework and graves. The brilliant Bereavement gardening team are also active on the site, keeping the hedges in the lane and around the church well-trimmed, so that the whole of the heritage area looks cared for and is pleasant for people to visit, especially for those who have loved ones buried in St. Mary's graveyard.

Please continue to visit the church and graveyard when you can. The view from the top is well worth the stroll up the lane, and the small churchyard offers a tranquil place for peaceful reflection, much needed in these very troubling times.

Words, Delia.
Pictures, Paul.