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Sad News Item, April 2008

We are sorry to report, so soon after our encouraging St. David's Day 2008 visit, serious vandalism, in the form of extensive graffiti on the majority of the church's walls, and a massive hole in the west side of the tower. Stones are also missing from a corner, and this serious damage is threatening the stability and safety of the tower.

We have asked the council for urgent repairs and asked the local police station in Caerau Lane if they can increase patrols in the area, particularly in the school holidays when the most severe vandalism occurs.

Our thanks to one of our new supporters, Emma, for notifying us so quickly of this damage, which she spotted when out walking. We believe quick action is essential to give any hope of continuing to preserve what is left of this lovely old church.

The photos shown in this report will be distressing to many, particularly for those who may have loved ones interred in the graveyard. We urge the people concerned to write to the Council Bereavement Department at Thornhill, Cardiff, and ask them to provide better protection for the cemetery and site, and also contact their local MP to highlight their concerns about this continuing vandalism.

We are wondering whether it would be productive to form a 'church watch' among local people interested in preserving our historic landmark in Ely. Please continue to report any damage noted when visiting St. Mary's either via our email address, or directly to the Council.

Graffiti on the church.

Large hole in the tower.
Gravestone with graffiti.