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Dear Friends and Supporters,

Our book, St. Mary the Virgin Church and Hill Fort at Caerau, has now sold out.

We are pleased to report that the 200 published copies have all gone to ‘good homes’, including the five legal deposit libraries of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. This means we have achieved our aim to provide a permanent record of this beloved old church and the important historic site on which it stands.

Any new cheques received for the book will be returned and we will make a note of your name and details in order to contact you should we decide to reprint at some time in the future. Any cheques received via the PO Box may take up to 28 days to return. Any queries please email us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Some copies of the book may still be available to buy at Windsor Bookshop in Penarth or Llandaff Cathedral Shop. Alternatively, it can be borrowed from the Ely Library on Cowbridge Road West.

Many thanks for supporting the work of The Friends.

Delia and Rosemary

FOREWORD by Rev. Victor Jones.

Delia and Rosemary, the Founders of “The Friends of St. Mary’s Church, Caerau” have done a wonderful job in producing this book, to tell the story of the old church on the hill. When they started they could have had no idea that it would end in this way, leaving a permanent record of its history and its sad ending. I believe that St. Mary’s will rise again one day, and the people of Ely and Caerau will again be able to worship and praise God in it. It takes more than bricks and mortar to build a church, and Delia and Rosemary have shown us that love and loyalty are the most important building materials.