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By Welsh artist Glyn Pooley.

St. Mary's Spring News April 2020

The good news is Architectural Stone has made a replacement cross for St. Mary's and we can be confident of seeing it as soon as the current situation allows.

The cross's installation had already been delayed, first by the torrential rain we had in February, making the farmer's field a quagmire and unable to support the cherry-picker that would be used to attach it. And now the C-19 crisis has prevented all movement and so we wait on.

Caerau Friends last met in March and, probably, due to the terrible storms in February, a large tree had fallen across the top of the lane making it very challenging for us to access. We reported it to Martin and Peter who set about arranging for it to be cleared.

In our Autumn post last year we reported that Caerau Friends had entertained Canadian visitors who found their relatives using the Friends Grave Map. This year we heard again from them and they sent photos of the occasion and also posted on social media. Our Canadian supporters were delighted to meet the Friends and so grateful for their hospitality and time and for Paul giving them such informed and interesting information about the church and hillfort.

This month, April 20th is the 10th anniversary of the Rev Victor (Father) Jones's death. Friends had planned a small celebration of his life, but this will now be put on hold until later this year, when we hope very much the current restrictions regarding movement will be eased and that the new cross will adorn St. Mary's Tower, and once again be a beacon of hope to all who look up for it. Click here to see the 2011 celebration at St. Mary's when Father Jones's ashes were scattered.

St. Mary's Church and graveyard continue to be cared for by the dedicated Caerau Friends who will resume their work as soon as they are allowed to do so. We hope that everyone is able to stay safe and well and that this awful pandemic will soon be over.

Delia & Caerau Friends
Caerau Friends clambering over the fallen tree. With our visitors from Canada.