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St. Mary's Spring News April 2021

What a wonderful sight awaited St. Mary's Easter visitors: a new cross adorning its tower.

Caerau Friends on their regular exercise visits were excited to see the cross just before the Easter holidays and alerted Friends not able to visit Wales due to lockdown restrictions. Unfortunately for many Friends, seeing the cross for real will have to wait until Wales opens its borders. We hope this will happen very soon.

Friends everywhere are grateful to Martin Birch of Bereavement Dept. and his team for enabling Architectural Stone to create and install St. Mary's new and very handsome cross. Since its disappearance over four years ago it's been a long and often tortuous journey, and we can't praise Martin and his team enough for their dedicated perseverance to make it happen. Truth be told, a sight Friends wondered if we should ever see.

We are also indebted to Caerau and City Councillor Peter Bradbury for his loyal support and encouragement through the many years of waiting.

The loss of the cross brought much sadness to Friends and residents who noted among other things that the sight of St. Mary's tower from the road and elsewhere in the neighbourhood made it look disfigured. The new cross atop the tower will lift the spirits of all who see it.

Other News

Caerau Friends work hard to keep the area looking nice and have been visiting during the lockdown period to collect rubbish and report damage. Of the latter there has been very little.

The Friends have noticed there has been an increase in visitors over the last several months, people finding the peaceful church and graveyard an ideal place for tranquil reflection and for remembering loved ones during these troubled times.

Our very best wishes to you all.

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